Semalt Specialist - The Most Popular Uses Of Web Scraping

For the past few years, the web has become the ultimate most significant source of useful data. To come up with accurate business decisions, e-commerce website owners rely on the data across the net. The best solution to retrieve and extract data from the web in usable formats is web scraping.

Why Web Data Extraction?

Web scraping is used to acquire both semi-structured and structured data through the use of automatic data extraction tools. In the past, webmasters used manual techniques to retrieve useful data from the web. However, things have changed. You don't have to spend thousands of hours to pull out data from a web page.

With the introduction of web data extraction tools, you can easily scrape thousands of pages and export the extracted data in usable formats such as TSV, CSV, and XML. To retrieve data from sites, you don't need to have any technical programming knowledge. Web scraping tools comprise of pre-packed features that allow web scrapers to extract and group data into unique categories.

Web Scraping Uses

Web scraping is used for both personal and business purposes. In most cases, data across the web plays an integral role in business operations and competition analysis. Here are among the favorite uses of web scraping in the net and online marketing industry.


For your marketing, academic, or scientific research to be a success, you need access to clean and accurate data. With a web scraper, you can retrieve data from both dynamic and static sites and export the scraped data in usable formats such as CSV and XML.

Price Comparison

E-commerce websites and online stores rely on data to make price-related decisions. For your online store to be a success, you need to have detailed information about similar services and products selling in the market on a daily basis. To obtain such data, you don't need to hire thousands of workers to pull out the data for you.

A web scraper is the best option to go for. This tool works for automatically collecting data from various websites and saving the information in simple forms.

Marketing Lead Generation

Nowadays, web scraping is widely used to gather comprehensive details of businesses from dynamic sites for leads generation purposes. You can efficiently use web scraper to retrieve website URLs, email addresses, and phone numbers from a website.

Market Analysis

Market analysis is one of the most popular web scraping uses in the market today. As an online marketer, you need to have a constant watch of data across the web. If your upcoming project is on collecting comprehensive data from multiple websites, web scraping is the ultimate solution to consider.

E-commerce websites display data in different formats. Most websites span data across multiple web pages, making it difficult to access data from such sites all at once. With a web scraper, you can scrape numerous sites into a single database, and analyze the data later.

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